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Richard's Remarks


The presidential election is only ten weeks away. Here's a troubling reminder for Mr. Romney: the last three challengers who won were ahead at this stage of the game. Carter against Ford, Reagan over Carter, and Bill Clinton ahead of Bush 1. In other words, the incumbents were on the defensive as the summer conventions started.


The wild cards --- the stock market takes an unexpected spill in September, and the employment and unemployment statistics worsen just around election time.


But what's this? Headline in today's Financial Times -- "Republicans to Push Gold Standard Back Into Center of Political Debate." I think this is just a feeler, I doubt whether the US is ready to go back to the gold standard. That will happen out of desperation when there's no where else to go. Of course, the Fed will fight any suggestion of going back to the gold standard. The Fed wants ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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