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Richard's Remarks


What? You're not happy with the market? It could be worse. You could have loaded up on the Facebook IPO at 44, and today the dog is selling at 19.07. But I'm not sure I feel sorry for Zuckerberg. After all (sniff) he's no longer one of the five richest tech-lords. Now there is talk that he should be removed as CEO, because he's too immature.


Fred Hickey, my vote as the top expert in tech, thinks the tech bubble has popped, and that tech is now in a secular bear market. I agree with him, only because I can't really work my iPhone (I claim it's not really user-friendly), and because I think playing with Facebook is a royal pain.


Hickey, by the way, is a huge fan of gold and the gold mining stocks. But don't get me wrong about tech, I love Amazon and Google, and I love the Internet. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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