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Richard's Remarks


On Wall Street nobody knows anything -- and nobody is doing anything -- because nobody knows what to do. Volume has sunk to ridiculously low levels. The hour glass for trouble is running out -- and what I mean is that debts are compounding, and the balance sheets are looking worse every day. And this is happening with the current low interest rates.


The US MUST do something about its deadly compounding debts.


I note that John Paulson and George Soros have increased their positions in gold. I have to believe that Soros receives the best information available. Both of these men like BIG plays. What could Soros be thinking? The forces of deflation are weighing heavily on the US, and Fed chief Bernanke will absolutely not tolerate deflation.


The US holds the world's biggest hoard of gold. The simple, obvious move would be to unilaterally raise the price of gold. This would devalue ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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