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Richard's Remarks


A few subscribers want to know how I can talk about a bear market when my PTI remains in bullish territory. When I received a Dow Theory bear signal, I had to decide whether to believe my Dow Theory bear signal or my PTI. I've used and followed Dow Theory ever since I started writing Dow Theory Letters in 1958. I decided that I had to go with the Dow Theory bear signal, at least until I was proven wrong. If the D-J Industrials and Transportation Averages both close above their May peaks, I will concede that I was wrong and that a bull market exists.


Comment --- Enter 42 year old Congressman Paul Ryan. What do we know for sure? We know that Wall Street does not like Obama. Up to now, the polls show the two candidates running about even -- or other polls show that Obama has a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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