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Richard's Remarks


"The market will be up 300 points by October." "The Dow is down because of weak commodities." "Silver is a buy here."

"Spain will be bailed out by September." "Germany is ready to create millions of euros." "The market is severely oversold." Each day on Bloomberg, I hear well-known experts pontificating on the news and the world picture.


I've learned to shrug off their daily wisdom and instead, I depend totally on the D-J Averages as interpreted under classic Dow Theory. And it's truly amazing how seldom these TV hot-shots refer to the stock market in a knowledgeable way.


Incredible, this is a trillion dollar business affecting the fate of the entire world, and the great majority of these experts don't know the first thing about reading the market. I've yet (in three days of steady listening) to hear one of the experts mention the Transportation Average or why, day after day, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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