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Richard's Remarks


It's amazing the way this stock market is working. The pro traders buy the Dow -- They want to be in he market -- just in case the Fed triggers QE3. No pro can afford to miss a big rally. Then near the close, when QE3 is NOT triggered, the frustrated traders dump their stocks, and prepare to do the same thing the next day.


The retail public thinks the action is good, so they come in and buy the "bluechip stocks." But they don't dump when the traders exit the market, so the retail buyers are left high and dry with daily losses.


Below is our new friend, GDOW. I liken GDOW to a world industrial average of 150 blue chip stocks (it includes the 30 D-J Industrials plus over 100 international blue chips).


GDOW took a spill in June, but since then it appears to have carved out a bottom. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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