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Richard's Remarks


 Question -- Russell, everybody has emotions. So where are your emotions regarding this market? From an emotional standpoint, be honest, are you really bullish or bearish?


Answer -- If the Averages confirm that this is truly a bear market, I'll have mixed emotions. On the one hand I will have been proven right on my bear market call, and that will be a boost to my ego. But I can't say that I'd be happy that we're in a primary bear market.


But if the Averages close above their May peaks, and all my charts point to a bull market, then I'll have been proven wrong on my bear market call, and that will be a bruise to my ego. Nevertheless, I'd much rather be living through a bull market than a bear market -- a bull market would be far better for me and my kids and for my business. So call ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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