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Richard's Remarks


The 30 Dow Industrial stocks portray the industrial capabilities of the US. But suppose there was an Index that portrayed the industrial capabilities of the entire civilized world? Happily, we now have just such an index. Dow Jones developed it, and they call it GDOW. It's made up of 150 major blue chip international stocks, and it includes all 30 D-J Industrial stocks plus over 100 other major international blue chips. GDOW is quoted all day by the minute and its action can be tracked whenever the US market is open.


In fact, I can tell you that GDOW closed at a value of 1834 at the close of Monday's session. I include a daily chart of GDOW below. You can see that GDOW has formed a pattern that is a potential head & shoulders formation. The base and the support for the formation come in at a value of 1700. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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