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Richard's Remarks


I just watched a segment of the WWII TV series, Band of Brothers. To my mind, there is nothing more immoral than war. Man's body has been fashioned and shaped by evolution and God. Take your choice of which one. War entails the destruction of bodies through weapons, bombs, grenades, starvation, bayonets and atomic bombs. The result of wars is suffering, starvation, mass killing and wanton murder. I've wondered whether mankind will ever become sane enough and stable enough to end wars and the very idea of war.


Behind wars are usually the maniacal ideas of one man or a group of men. These men lust for power, and they are willing to send their nations into war in order to obtain power and "glory." The day will come when civilized men will refuse to march to the orders of power-mad individuals. Young men go to war, and if or when ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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