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Richard's Remarks


Most of my subscribers are interested in gold. All I'm going to say about gold is wrapped up in the chart below. Here we see gold in a large rectangle formation. The 1550 level has been tested numerous times and it has shown to be solid support. Now gold has its choice of breaking out on the upside of the rectangle or on the downside. On Tuesday gold surged 24 dollars to put it over 1600 again. It's obvious that there are buyers at 1550 or below, and that there are sellers near the 1800 area. All of which has given us a trading range of almost one year.





The whole world of fundamental and technical analysis seems to be in a state of chronic confusion. Analysts are confounded by this seemingly trendless stock market. Meanwhile, Treasury yields are sitting on near-record lows. We're seeing a strange paradox here. People are worried. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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