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Richard's Remarks


I could write about conditions in Europe and the euro, or I could write, well, just about the markets. The first would be a matter of fuzzy speculation, but writing about the markets is dealing with concrete facts.


My old friend Ian McAvity puts it this way. "This is an interesting week to be writing, with the Greek election uncertainty, a 2-day Fed meeting with a backdrop of cries for a new QE3 and the G-20 leaders meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico. The elusive silver bullet to solve all our ills is unlikely to materialize, but modern traders keep hoping that the great overseeing 'they' will come up with one." So much for the economic background, which is as mixed and uncertain as it can be. Who's got the money and who has the will to bail out Greece, Spain, Portugal and possibly Italy? We all know the answer to that ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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