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Richard's Remarks


The Fed is fighting deflation, but the Fed does not want to admit that there's any inflation. The charts below tell the real story.


Oil and deflation. Oil got whacked yesterday -- down three dollars on the day. But with a lot more cars being driven on earth at this time, you would think that oil would be roaring higher. Not so, as the chart below demonstrates. Are drivers simply cutting back on their driving or are the forces of deflation bearing down on oil? But to be fair, oil could be basing now.




Dr. Copper, which is used in almost everything that is manufactured. Why has it been declining?




Gold trailing off -- Gold which is a time-honored barometer of inflation or deflation.




The euro is selling off, which is a reflection of the health of the European economy as a whole.




Bonds head down during deflation. Below is the 10 year Treasury breaking ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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