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Richard's Remarks


Dividends don't lie, but with inflation where it is today (I'd say about 4%), dividends don't bring you any inflation-adjusted income. The dividend yield on the Dow is 2.55%, so with inflation at 4%, you're losing money just holding the Dow.


Sadly, the whole world is searching for income and safety, and the fact is that there is no income and there is no ultimate safety. Then how does one build wealth? The Asians know the answer to that -- YOU BUY and HOLD GOLD -- and exercise a lot of patience. Stocks can declare dividends, but they can omit their dividends during hard times. Furthermore, stocks can go broke. But gold represents indestructible wealth. Gold rises in terms of fiat money, and gold declines in terms of fiat money.


Gold possesses some properties that are beyond the scope of other investments. Gold can't go broke, because gold does not derive its ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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