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Richard's Remarks


The anniversary of D-day (when the Allies invaded France) has passed, so I thought I'd write something personal about WWII.


The title of this little story is "How I Became a True Believer."


It's early in the year 1945. I'm in the nose of a B-25 Mitchell two-engine medium bomber. I'm a flight officer and I'm the bombardier of our six-man crew -- it's my job to use the top-secret Norden bomb-sight and drop the bombs where they're supposed to go. We're nearing the strategic Brenner Pass (a pass through the Alps), through which the Germans move much of their munitions with which they supply the Nazi forces in Italy. (The Norden bombsight is a top-secret instrument, and every bombardier has sworn to guard it with his life).


I can feel my two metal dog tags, cold against my sweaty chest. On my tags is an "H" for Hebrew. To be caught by the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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