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Richard's Remarks


Yeah, I read a lot. And often I read stuff that I find so interesting that I can't resist relaying it on to my beloved subscribers.


Here's one, from the NY Times' recent book section. It shows you what it was like during the really tough times of the 1930s. "Impoverished World War I veterans camped out and petitioned for early payment of a promised $500 bonus -- In 1932 United States Army regulars, under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, used tanks, tear gas and bayonets to send the petitioners packing. The following year President Franklin Roosevelt let it be known that 'No person, because he wore a uniform, must therefore be placed in a special class of beneficiaries'." -- Those Who Have Born the Battle by James Wright.


The reviewer's comment -- "Any politician expressing such views today would risk being tarred and feathered."


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