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Richard's Remarks


Do we have a connection with God? I think we do, and I've always thought that my "inner voice" was my connection with God. When my inner voice says "Yes," I follow it.


When I was a freshman at Rutgers University, I enlisted in the military. I was quickly called in to be part of the infantry. After completing basic infantry training, a call went out for volunteers for the Army Air Force, which was taking heavy casualties. My inner voice said, "Do it." I quickly volunteered for the Air Force. Out of our entire infantry company, only two of us made it to the Air Force, Eddie Whitman and I. Rather than choose pilot training, my inner voice told me to choose bombardier training. I did all this against the almost hysterical pleading of my parents to stay out of the Air Force, because the Air Force was taking so many ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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