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Richard's Remarks


I've been doing some deep thinking over the last few days and following are the results. First, the stock market is in the throes of the melt-up that I've been expecting and talking about. But no tree grows to the sky, and this "tree" won't rise to the heavens.


We know that all market advances have an end, and this one will end too. The problem is that we don't know when it will end.


So here's my advice: If you are already in the DIAs, sit with them and when you've had enough, sell. But for the rest of us, patience is the correct and required stance. We'll watch this extraordinary advance, and the higher it goes, the better.


Our stance is to wait for the market to top out -- and then wait patiently for the bottom, which is sure to arrive. The higher this market advance carries, the more surely it ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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