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Richard's Remarks


Fed Chairman Bernanke finally took the taper step. According to the Fed, they will start tapering next year. As I suspected, the market rallied on the news. Increased interest is now addressing the fantastic separation between the 1% wealthy and the rest of Americans. I believe this will become an increasingly larger issue as time goes by. Of course this is Obama’s province and I suspect he will push for higher taxes on the 1%.


If I had my way the nation would end lobbying, which is one way that big money attempts to steer laws its way. With the concentration of money in big business, America is not working the way it used to.


If the man in the street continues to be squeezed by inflation and joblessness, I suspect massive changes lie ahead. With interest rates at zero, and no risk free methods of raising income, an increasing number of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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