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Strebler's Perspective




That phrase often refers to the teenage years: Old enough to not be a child and to want to be taken seriously, but young enough to be too clueless for that to happen. But it might also describe someone who, like myself, is in his early-60s. Old enough to know what’s what and no longer willing to take guff from people, but not quite at that age where you can get away with saying any damn thing you want under cover of “well, he’s an old guy...” Writing these columns mostly on late Friday nights pushes me in the direction of stream-of-consciousness patter, social filters largely disabled. But then Saturday brings “oh, I can’t say that!”, and therefore - rewrites. So let’s see how much of this survives until Monday…


U.S. and debt, like a horse and carriage, seem to go together and are the source of our now very ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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