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We have a tough job at Dow Theory Letters. We are an investment newsletter which focuses on identifying and profiting from the Primary Trend, yet we provide information and analysis on a daily basis. Why does that make our job tough? Because we must analyze the markets daily, yet do our best to pay little attention to daily movements.


As has been explained here on numerous occasions, there are three general trends in the market. We care about the longest of those, the Primary Trend. However, this long trend encompasses the intermediate trend, which is made up of the short-term trend, which includes the daily movements. (Recall the fractal nature.)


What's my point? Sometimes we can get too involved in the daily movements and forget to zoom back out to the big picture.


The long-term trend is still bullish, and last week's action suggests we are seeing nothing more than a minor pullback. If ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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