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Richard's Remarks


As I've commented before, EVERYBODY and his brother is planning on exiting the stock market when the Fed tapers. Everybody? That should be quite a scene!


This stock market is so radical that it demands a bit of philosophy. What is wealth? We rent it during our life on earth. We can't take our wealth with us, as every billionaire knows. Which is why they give it away before they die or why they start foundations.


We incarnate to earth to learn how to be more perfect (to be more like God). We also come to learn how to love ourselves. If you believe (as I do) in reincarnation you know that the beggar on the street corner may have been your father in a previous life. The world is expanding in spirituality. This is the hope of the world. If you've learned to love yourself, you will love everybody else, and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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