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Richard's Remarks


All quotes below are courtesy of Investment Rarities


“The ultimate destination of the present road of political fiat is hyperinflation with all its ominous economic, social and political consequences.”  Hans Senholz (1922-2007)

“The monetary policies of all nations are headed for a new catastrophe. A thing cannot serve as money if the government has the right to increase its quantity ad libitum." Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973)


"The inflationists in charge of the US monetary system are setting an example that’s leading the entire world into an inflationary holocaust.  In that event, paper will become worthless. No bond, no insurance policy, no savings account, no annuity, and no currency can hold value in the face of unbridled money printing. Furthermore, a stock boom predicated on easy money invariably turns into a bust.  That leaves silver and gold and nothing else to protect you ... The world (led by the US) is printing billions every month ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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