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Richard's Remarks


I have fond memories of New York. Connie, my first wife, worked for The New York Times, and I used to meet her at the cafeteria for lunch. But now with The Times' desperate cut rate ads for new subscribers, I'm thinking that it will soon be up for sale. And I would not be surprised if Mike Bloomberg bought it.


I read twelve newspapers every morning. The front page headlines are different on each paper. And the stories, ten to one, are negative. In fact they're so negative and obtrusive, that I can hardly stand to read them.


I go by the thesis that I'm given everything that I need to know, and I'm given (by God) whatever I need to sustain myself and my family. I also believe that I was put on this earth to learn to trust and put my full faith in God. I do not believe one ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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