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Richard's Remarks


Love everybody and everything -- and above all, love yourself.


Fear is the curse of the world. The absence of fear is love. When the world is devoid of fear, there will be no wars, no criminality, no torture and no capital punishment. We're all creatures of God. Greed, hate, and criminal acts are man-made. God is pure good and has no part in criminal acts made by man.


In the Piscean Age we looked outside ourselves if we were to be saved. In the new Aquarian Age, we must look inside ourselves if we are to be saved


In the Piscean Age, it was Jesus Christ who was the leader and savior-spokesman. Who will be the leader in the current Aquarian age? I Think we will have to save ourselves with the help of God in the new Aquarian Age.


Although there are many phoney orators who want us to believe that they ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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