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Richard's Remarks


Health – my daughter Betsy visited me last week and in the course of things she examined my diet. She noted that I eat a lot of dairy, and suggested that I try eliminating all dairy food from my diet. This includes milk, cheese, all cream soups, anything that has any dairy in it. Since I love dairy food including ice cream, I was skeptical of her suggestion.


However, I tried eliminating dairy, as an experiment, for a period of three days. After three days, I was amazed to note that I felt stronger, my post-nasal drip cleared up, my skin improved, and my walking became considerably better. I must admit that dairy appeared to be a kind of poison to me. And the change, without dairy, was almost miraculous. I’m not talking about gluten, which I tolerate well, but strictly dairy. Subscribers might experiment with eliminating dairy for three or ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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