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Richard's Remarks


I had a sore shoulder that kept me up most of the night. During the night I watched TV, and it was a series of weight reducing programs. Hour after hour I watched the latest weight reducing systems all for three payments of $34, and your money back if you're not completely satisfied.


The only weight reducing programs that work are mental weight reducing programs. Obesity is a plague in the US and most of America is obese or semi-obese.


The great majority of people live with fear that is imbedded in their unconscious minds. When you are fearful, even if you are not completely aware of it, you tend to protect yourself unconsciously with a wall of fat or adipose tissue.


Once you get over your unconscious fear, you will tend to return to your normal weight.


I weighed 185 lbs. when I first started NY studies of spiritual psychology. Yesterday I weighed myself ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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