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Richard's Remarks


To all my subscribers -- I've been writing Dow Theory Letters ever since 1958 with never skipping a mailing or taking a vacation.


But now as I'm approaching the age of 90, I find that I have to conserve my ebbing energy. For this reason, we've taken on some help in the way of new analysts and writers -- both old friends of mine.


I'm going to reveal to you Emmet Fox's marvelous "Golden Key." If you have any kind of problem, a court case, a marital fight or a financial bind, this is the great "Golden Key" that will solve all your problems. When the problem presents itself, turn away from it, put it out of your mind completely and think of something that pertains to God, such as God is love or God is truth, but you must keep the problem completely out of mind. This is the simple Golden ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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