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Another Perspective

Editor's Note: Today we are publishing a column by our friend in Florida, David Frazier. Mr. Frazier has an extensive background in financial advising and writing, most recently his own newsletter,

Integrative Investing. We asked Mr. Frazier to research a favorite investment of Richard’s – cumulative preferred stock in closed-end funds. Tomorrow, Matthew Kerkhoff will be continuing his report on the Jefferson Companies Investment Conference.


Looking for Yield? Consider the Following!

by David N. Frazier


In this era of low interest rates, many investors are struggling with ways to generate a higher level of income from their investments. That’s true especially for retirees who rely upon investment income to pay for their daily living expenses.


With interest payments from investment-grade bonds and dividends from stocks of most financially-strong companies yielding annual returns of less than 3.0%, many investors are concerned about maintaining their standard of living.





Those concerns are amplified by the fact that the price ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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