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Richard's Remarks


Yesterday ended with the Dow at a new record high, thereby confirming the new high in the transports. I continue to think that this bull market will end in an upside explosion.  I believe it is fated to go higher than anybody now believes. A wise move here might be buy the farthest out calls as possible on the thesis that the sellers are convinced they will never be hit.  Wise heads are now warning that this market has now passed all sane appraisals, and as such it is highly dangerous. Nevertheless I believe that this market is fated to go higher than even the most bullish practitioners can conceive. 

I note that talk about debt has simmered down.  The US debt is so huge that reasonable talk about it is almost impossible.  I believe in the end the US will turn to hyperinflation in its effort to minimize the debt. The ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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