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Richard's Remarks


I’ve been thinking about my purpose of being on earth. I believe that before coming to earth we choose our parents. Neither of my parents possessed any skills in parenting. Thus I grew up feeling worried, frightened and unloved. I now realize that there was a reason for this. It is clear to me now that my duty on earth is to disseminate information about infants and fear. Fear is the root of all the world’s troubles. Behind every horrendous act lies a traumatized infant.


Take away fear and you have love. Every infant comes out of the womb whole, loving and feeling loved. Through ignorance or laziness on the parents’ part, the infant soon learns that the world is a frightening place. Instead of learning to love himself, the infant learns about fear and abandonment. Every horrific act on anyone’s part is the result of a terribly traumatized infant. I’ve decided ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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