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Richard's Remarks


I've been reading Emmet Fox’s Golden Keys to Successful Living.  Sadly, I must agree that fear rules the world. The best way to get rid of fear, according to Emmet Fox, is to realize divine love.  If you love God more than you love your problem, your sickness, your grievance, your lack or your fear, you will be healed. If you can feel a sense of divine and personal love towards everyone, no one can hurt you.  The great secret of Emmet Fox’s golden keys is as follows: “See God where the trouble seems to be: think about God instead of the difficulty, and the difficulty should disappear.”


There is a great deal of confusion in the world today, much of it is because we are leaving the Piscean Age, when we asked others to help us. We are entering the new Aquarian Age where we will have to help ourselves. This period ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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