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Richard's Remarks


I have five kids and five grandkids (so far), which is a reason why I worry not only about the future of the US, but the future of the world. We are now leaving the Piscean Age. This was the age where we looked to others to solve our problems. Now we are moving into the Aquarian Age, where people will have to turn inward to solve their own problems. This will require a rise in world spirituality and consciousness.

The world is now infused with fear and violence -- fear of poverty, fear of government, fear of one’s fellow man. Take away the fear and what is left is unconditional love. This is the hope of civilization, and the trend of the future. I have long wondered whether I had a purpose in being on earth. Finally, in my old age, I think I have found my purpose. I believe my ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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