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Richard's Remarks


And the little locomotive huffed and puffed and seemed to be running out of steam. With so many unsettled business items, the stock market seems to be puzzled, both on the bear side and the bull side. In the meantime, gold is trading flat but happily above its huge base. For my subscribers and I, it makes more sense to watch the market than attempt to beat it. I've almost given up reading the newspapers since there are so many cross-currents in the news. And I can't make anything bullish or bearish out of it.


However, as long as the Fed continues QE forever, its obvious that the bears are having a hard time. Advice -- sit tight with your gold and enjoy the circus from a distance.


As far as the efforts to lift the debt ceiling, the odds of either party failing to lift the debt ceiling would be ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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