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Richard's Remarks


The most interesting story at this time is gold. It’s a question of buying stocks at all-time highs after the averages have doubled, or gold, the despised metal that appears to be pushing out of an impressive base. I realize that money managers have to show profits or income in a hurry. But my subscribers and I have time on our hands. We have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines or buying and waiting for results. My feeling is that buying gold just off the current base will work out. And the risk of substantially lower prices is minimal. As I write, gold is in the process of enlarging its already impressive base.



Modern medicine boils down to surgery and pills. I think the new trend will be the mind-body connection. Everything starts with the brain. I’m convinced that the future of medicine will focus on the mind-body connection. We grew ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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