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Richard's Remarks


Money is made in the buying. Buy an item at the right price, and with patience you will accumulate profits. If you buy stocks today you are buying them after the main stock averages have doubled and dividend yields are below 2.5%.


Gold is selling at "bombed out" prices and with sentiment comparable to what you would expect at a bear market bottom. Therefore, my choice for future profits would be gold and gold mining stocks rather than the ordinary run of common stocks.


Besides, the risk of a major decline is much higher in the Dow than it is in any of the gold items.


The P&F chart below shows a two-step base with a low at 1180, and then a higher level base at 1260. The latest move shows a column of Xs climbing to the 1320 box. This latest bullish column reverses the red bearish trendline and gives us a P&F ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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