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Richard's Remarks


Below is the chart I've been waiting for. Yesterday we got the dramatic and spectacular upside reversal (green column -- gold up $40) which took gold out and above its huge base and above its (red) bearish trendline. The move produced a P&F projected target to the 1450 box, and it turned almost all gold items bullish.



Below is GDM, the Gold Miner's Index, and as you can see, it has turned bullish with a projection to the 775 box!



The chart of CEF shows a large base. At the 17 box we get an important bull signal.




Whew, I'm out of breath after reviewing all the various gold items. Wait, one more chart. Barrick has formed an almost perfect reverse head-and-shoulders pattern. If it hits the 22 box we have a big upside projection to the red declining trendline.


Yesterday's move in gold should start making the news, and it will light a fire ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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