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Matt's Market Insight


Working with Richard and Daria since coming to Dow Theory Letters has been inspirational and enlightening. With a man of Richard's caliber, one can learn volumes just from sitting next to him; by osmosis, if you will. It has provided opportunities for knowledge that are unavailable elsewhere, and for that I am both grateful and humbled.


When I first began working with Richard, he let me borrow some of his most rare and valuable books on the subject of Dow Theory. I had the opportunity to read William Peter Hamilton's The Stock Market Barometer, Robert Rhea's The Dow Theory: An Explanation of Its Development and an Attempt to Define Its Usefulness as an Aid to Speculation, and E. George Schaefer's How I Helped More than 10,000 Investors to Profit in Stocks. These authors are referenced in Richard's article The History of the Dow Theory (which I'm sure you have all read) posted ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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