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Richard's Remarks


Deadening the deadline. The markets were right. When the dreaded deadline came and the debt ceiling was upon us, Congress simply shoved off the debt ceiling to February 2014, and the nation was suddenly given more breathing room. Thus millions of speeches, thousands of arguments and speculations were wasted, and life goes on in the great United States of America, along with its spotless financial record.


I noted that almost all the talk was about how the debt ceiling would or would not be "fixed," but almost no expert addressed the question of what we, as investors, should do about it. Should we go with the obvious trend of the market? Or should we play it safe with our money?


My own inclination is to leave the market and the politicians alone. To make any real money in this market, I would have to take a large position on the bullish side. Then ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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