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Matt's Market Insights


With budget and debt issues front and center over the past couple weeks, the spotlight has been taken off the Fed. Considering how the debt drama played out, and the fact that we will be caught in this drama again at the beginning of 2014, it's unlikely that we will see tapering in December. The December Fed meeting will be the last with Bernanke as Chairman. Pending confirmation, it will be Yellen moving forward, and she is well known for her dovish stance.


Looking back, one wonders whether anticipation of the debt ceiling fight played into the last Fed decision to not taper. If so, it's likely that this issue, while temporarily fixed, will play a factor in December's decision as well. A "no taper" decision in December would push the decision out to March, 2014 - the first meeting that Yellen, we presume, will preside over. Could the likelihood of an ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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