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The art of technical analysis is the ability to identify trends in markets with enough accuracy and foresight to allow us to capitalize on them. The measurements and indicators used to determine these trends are not perfect nor infallible. The astute analyst must at all times be aware of noise and disturbances that can alter the reliability of certain price movements to accurately reflect the inherent trend. While most of Washington's nonsense can usually be classified as "noise" and be dismissed as already discounted in prices, critical junctures like the one we are at are different.


Based on the movement of the Dow and Transportation Averages, this market is still classified as bullish. Based on the Primary Trend Index (PTI), which has been very reliable over the years, this market is also classified as bullish. In normal markets, it would be worth taking a look at the intermediate and short-term trends to ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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