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Richard's Remarks


This market is not for worriers. Aw, C'mon. what's to worry about?


(1) The debt ceiling


(2) The Fed's tapering decision


(3) The coming tax hike in Japan that will almost surely kill growth


(4) The credit crisis in China


(5) The mess in Syria


(6) Last but certainly not least, the continuing US deficit


I noted before that the Congressional Budget Office pronounced the US deficit situation as "unsustainable." The CBO stated that by the year 2038 the deficit will devour the entire Gross Domestic Product of the US.


Now, I'm not one of these guys who goes around announcing disaster scenarios and predicting that we're heading into the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. I'm actually optimistic that by hook or crook the United States will survive and flourish -- maybe not in its present form, but nevertheless we WILL survive.


But here's something that worries me. I'm of the opinion that the government (actually, any government) ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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