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Richard's Remarks


Money, money, it's all about money, honey -- Highest paid player in the NFL: Drew Brees --$51 million. Biggest fight pay-off: Floyd Maewether got $41 million for his recent fight against Alvarez. Biggest bank fine: $900 million against JP Morgan for the London Whale trading loss of $6 billion. Biggest worry of the Congressional Budget Office -- The annual federal deficit has shrunk to its lowest level since 2008, but nevertheless, says the Office, it is "unsustainable" the way it is going. The CBO states that by 2038 the federal debt will consume 100 percent of the US's entire Gross Domestic Product.


Russell Comment -- They won't let that happen. The remedy: a lowered standard of living in the US as many drastic cuts in government largesse come to pass.






Late Notes – Four days in a row the Dow has closed lower. Makes me think that the smart money is moving toward the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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