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Strebler's Perspective


“May you live in interesting times” is allegedly a Chinese curse. “Allegedly” because there seems to be no evidence of its Chinese origins. Also “allegedly” because – how is that a curse? I mean: who wants to live in boring times? Interesting times would seem to be a good thing. But maybe not always…


Curse or not, we’re definitely living in interesting times. Thinking about last week’s market action reminds me of another phrase: How much is enough? The Fed announced on Wednesday that anything less than $85 billion of monthly bond purchases would not be enough to support our still-fragile economy, that the economy needs that amount to continue ... for some unspecified period of time. The market – actually, just about EVERY market (US stocks, foreign stocks, gold, silver, mining shares) skyrocketed on the news. Dang - I hadn’t bought enough EFA last Monday! Why didn’t I own even more of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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