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Richard's Remarks


Obama is saved. The latest wrinkle in the Syria saga is the proposition that inspectors will visit Assad's gas properties and perhaps demolish them. This (if approved by Assad) would let Obama off the hook. The stock market obviously likes this idea, but gold backed off on the thesis that a potential war might be averted.


I show below one of the mainstay US defense companies, Lockheed Martin. Since the US is almost always at war, Lockheed has been a logical stock to hold. But after the new developments in the US-Syria situation, I'll be watching Lockheed closely. If peace should break out, LMT might conceivably sell off. But if peace is just an idle dream, then LMT is an intelligent long-term holding. Patient subscribers might put away 100 shares of LMT on the thesis of unending war in our times.









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