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Richard's Remarks


The various factions --


Obama -- Why did I ever draw that line in the sand? Now, no matter which way I go, I'm screwed. Besides, it turns out that even the US public is against attacking Syria. The public is afraid that an attack will lead to another Iraq or Vietnam. Everything seems to be piling up against me. I'm toast. So my best move is to try to drag Congress into this damn mess. If Congress doesn't go along with an attack on Syria (and they won't), I'm in even worse trouble. Any way I look at it, I can only lose. Maybe this job is too much for me.


Republicans -- We will definitely not give Obama the go-ahead that he wants before attacking Syria. We won't let him off the hook. This is our chance to make Obama look like the wishy-washy loser that he is. Whatever Obama wants, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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