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Strebler's Perspective


I don’t envy my friend Richard; I’m in awe of him. Writing about the markets every day, as he has for over 10 years, is an immensely daunting task. Just coming up with something relevant and - one hopes - interesting each week is tough enough. So my hat’s off to Mr. Russell and anyone else who can do this day in, day out, without sounding stale or irrelevant.


I didn’t get an epiphany this week. No great story or theme or moral to share with you; no critters chased, fish landed, lands traversed, songs coming to mind, nor markets breaking out. So this is the plain vanilla week, a just the facts, ma’am week.


That’s not to say it was a bad week, however. It was, I think, a very good week for the precious metals and a could’ve been a lot worse week for the stock market. The prior week had ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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