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Richard's Remarks


OK, I'm going to start with the basics. Below is the Dow, perched on the edge of a bearish sell signal. The actual sell signal would occur if he Dow touches 15,300. If that does occur, the P&F projection would be 15,000. Wait. We got a sell signal today with a projection to 15,000.



There's nothing more basic than a country's currency. So below we see the US dollar. It's in a bullish trend, as long as it holds above a value of 79. If the dollar turns bearish we can be sure that interest rates will rise.





Next in our rundown of fundamentals is the long Treasury bond. This bond is outside of the manipulations of the Fed, and we see it breaking down with a target projection price of 114. Let's hope this bond doesn't hit its projection target.




Next in our chart parade is gold. Here we have a consolidation and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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