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Richard's Remarks


When I was a kid, my dad worked five days a week and half a day Saturday, and my mom stayed home. We had a live-in maid, and a woman who came once a week on Sunday to cook and do the laundry. As I said, it was only my dad who worked.


Today, in most cases, both parents work to support their family. Families often survive on fast food and food stamps, and nobody gets the daily newspaper. Kids are "tended" with endless TV programs because the parents, after work, are too exhausted to play with them.


As I predicted a few years ago, in the new world of super-deficits and high debt, the one thing I'm certain of is that living standards will be heading down. And they are.


As Josh Boak in the Fiscal Times put it, "We're creating an economy full of low-paid, part-time workers, while we face a stagnation ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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