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Richard's Remarks


Is China the new engine that is going to save the world? Below is the Shanghai Composite Index over the past five years. For the past year this index has been in a vicious bear market. Wonder what this means for China's economy?





Below we see Gold bumping against resistance at 1350. On the same chart we see the dollar tanking and testing its lows at a value of 81.






The NASDAQ with all its tech issues has lately been the hot index. Below we see the NASDAQ Composite Index. This Index has done fabulously well over the last five years, but it is now on seven distribution days, which means there has been a lot of institutional selling in tech. Also, note MACD, which is rolling over.





I've been watching the low-priced gold mining shares (GDXJ) for hints of a fundamental turn in this battered group. Below we see the group on a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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