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Strebler's Perspective


I don't give a damn about the Fed's QE and manipulations. If the DIAs are heading higher, as a holder of DIAs, that's all I want. And I don't care who or what is behind the levitating of the DIAs. Don't tell me the real, inner story behind the Dow's rise, just tell me if the Dow is rising or it isn't. What I'm interested in is price, not the story behind the movement.


I couldn’t have said it any better than Richard did in Friday’s Remarks. Talk and theories are cheap; it's the market’s price action that counts. Speaking of Friday, the stock market put in an impressive performance by dropping 140 points in the first hour or so, and then gaining it all back – to finish UP 3 points on the day. Wow – that’s pretty telling. The market may be hesitant to rise much more just yet, as ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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